How Do Wayfarer Senior Portrait Sessions Work?

Once we’ve agreed upon a time and date, we will start with a 1-2 hour photo session in the location(s) of your choice. We are happy to provide you with location ideas and help you determine the best place for your portraits. You are welcome to bring multiple outfit changes. Our sessions are fun and relaxed, and aimed at keeping you comfortable and natural- we’re all about documenting the real you!

After the session we will scour through our photos, find 20-30 of the best of the best, touch them up so they are perfect, and put them on a disc for you! You will have the rights to copy, print, and post these images online. Also included in your package is a print collection, including one 8x10, two 5x7’s, and 16 wallets. These prints come from a professional printer in the states and the quality is fabulous! Additional prints and photo products will be available to purchase a la carte.

What is the Investment?

While photography is a favorite past time, it is our side job. Our teaching responsibilities take priority, so we are only able to take a limited number of portrait sessions during the winter season. We want to encourage you to book your sessions early to give us plenty of time for processing, so we are offering two pricing options.

Early Bird Pricing

If your portrait session takes place by Saturday, December 11th the cost of the package is 1500 Dhs. We only have a limited number of these sessions available! First come, first served.

Last Minute Pricing

If your portrait session takes place after December 11th, the cost of the package is 2000 Dhs.

Who is Wayfarer Studio?

We are Isaac and Jennifer Marshall… ASD elementary teachers with a passion for photography! We’ve been honored to take many of your friends’ senior portraits the last few years, and we’d love to continue with you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Murphy's Monkeys!

Last Friday morning I met up with the Murphy family near school. I figured I could handle taking portraits of the 3 kiddos without Isaac. Not such an easy task, I learned... little people are SO much faster than big people! Especially big people with camera gear. It was quite a challenge to keep up with the kids- parents everywhere, I applaud you! Just when I'd get a beautiful shot lined up... ZOOM, off they'd go again. A good lesson for me- FOCUS FASTER and PRESS THAT SHUTTER LIKE MAD!!! Despite the challenges I faced with the kiddos' unbelievable speed and maneuverability, they were TOTALLY cute, and it was so fun to hear their happy giggles all morning. We started off by climbing around a "digger" in a construction site. Nolan loved that! Amazing how testosterone surges through males at such a tender, young age! Next, we moved over to the school to let the kids run around on the play structures, in hopes of them "forgetting" about me and the camera. Little Olivia (who has the most adorable curls, ever!) DID NOT like my camera, nor did she trust me for a second. She did everything she could to avoid facing me when my camera was raised. She was a tricky little gal! Riley, the oldest, was such an adorable "little mother" and not only watched over her younger siblings' every move, but helped me get some sneaky shots of little Olivia. Thanks, Riley! I'm looking forward to going back out with the Murphys- and Isaac- for some more photos, and perhaps some ice cream. Mmmmm... ice cream! Not only a wonderfully scrumptious sweet treat, ice cream is a fantastic bribery tool! I have a feeling that with a cone in my hand, I'll be one of Ms. Olivia's new best friends... =). Thanks again for the fun morning (and great work out)!!!

Nolan hanging out on the "digger"


The little momma =)




Riley helped Liv hang upside down like a monkey, so I could snap away


This picture just cracks me up! See how she is looking at me WAAAY out of the corner of her eye? This is what Olivia did all morning, so ensure that she never willingly faced the camera. Too funny!!!

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Frank Family said...

the comp and contrast of black shirt and red swing chains works great. I don't think your to the point of outfitting your models, but if you are keep it up. Looking forward to seeing you guys in the summer.